Deyan Ginev

Deyan Ginev is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen, with a focus on semantic enrichment of TeX formulas into Content MathML. He is also a core developer for LaTeXML, Authorea and PlanetMath.

Michael Kohlhase

Dr. Michael Kohlhase is professor for Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen. His research interests range from automated reasoning to eLearning via natural language semantics and the Semantic Web.

Moritz Schubotz

Moritz Schubotz alias Physikerwelt is research associate at Technische Universität Berlin. His research vision is to find instantiations of mathematical concepts independent of the concrete representation in huge corpora of human readable documents.

Raniere Silva

Raniere Silva holds a BSc in applied mathematics from University of Campinas and is involved with MathML as an enthusiast. He is also a core developer for Software Carpentry.

Frédéric Wang

Frédéric Wang has been involved in math-on-the-web projects for several years and has contributed to MathML support of web engines and accessibility tools. He holds a master degree in pure mathematics from University of Paris VI and an engineer's degree in computer science from ENSIIE.