• Deyan Ginev,
  • Frédéric Wang,
  • Michael Kohlhase,
  • Moritz Schubotz.

Session Chair: Frédéric Wang.

Minutes Scribe: Deyan.


  1. Only the founding directors are eligible to vote for this meeting: Deyan, Frédéric and Moritz
  2. Vote on approving the By-laws policy
    • Unanimously accepted (3 votes “yes”, 0 votes “no”)
  3. Vote on approving the Conflicts of interest policy
    • Unanimously accepted (3 votes “yes”, 0 votes “no”)
    • By-laws and CoI policies are now active
  4. Proceding to elect initial directors and settle terms of office. Moritz loses connection to the call
  5. Vote on initial directors (Deyan, Frédéric and Moritz) to have their term end on 12.31.2015
    • Unanimously accepted (2 votes “yes”, 0 votes “no”)
    • Moritz returns to the call
  6. Vote on electing Michael and Raniere as directors for a 2 year term, ending on 12.31.2016:
    • Unanimously accepted (3 votes “yes”, 0 votes “no”)
    • the first 5 MathML directors have been elected: Deyan, Frédéric, Michael, Moritz, Raniere
    • We need to decide on a proper election cycle, to avoid any gaps in the board.
  7. Next meeting will be no later than 3 months from today: August 20, 2015. Date to be decided separately. Also, we should use a different application so that we have proper sound.
  8. Agenda suggestions for next meeting:
    • Appointment of the initial Board Officers: Secretary, President, Vice-president, Treasurer
    • Start dicussing bank account, paypal etc to receive donations
    • tax exempt status
    • agenda should be open until meeting is announced, will work on details in the coming months
    • proposals welcome
  9. Discussion on execution plans:
    • prioritize:
    • prepare and publish association website
    • tax exemption filing. Deyan will investigate.
    • recruiting MathML affiliates in the organization (Frédéric: maybe Igalia)
      • brainstorm on strategy for making the associations impressive and impactful
      • also brainstorm on collecting funding for association-promoted activities. Michael: list of tasks that can be sponsored? Frédéric could organize.
      • we may need a private repository and mailing list for efficient communication
  10. Round of congratulations on starting the association and moving forward. Congrats!