• Bruce R. Miller,
  • Deyan Ginev,
  • Frédéric Wang,
  • Michael Kohlhase,
  • Moritz Schubotz,
  • Raniere Silva,

Session Chair: Frédéric.

Minutes Scribe: Deyan.

Venue: Mumble


  1. We welcome Bruce as an observer to our meeting.

  2. First official communications between the Association and the Math WG were a little rocky, but we are now on the same page.

  • The name of Frédéric’s implementation document could be amended to be less controversial with the WG. The document aims to clarify common implementation uncertainties, and provide best practices.

  • More importantly, we’ll try to coordinate Frédéric’s “MathML-in-HTML5 implementation” spec with the Math WG for ensuring higher quality and set a precedent for a good working relationship between both organizations.

  • Michael will be our official Math WG ambassador

  1. “Logo follow-up items” - vote on approving the logo alternatives.
    • 5 in favour, 0 against, unanimously approved all 3 points.
  2. Vote for the License of Website content: Raniere proposes to release all the content under “Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License”.
    • 5 in favour, 0 against, unanimously approved
  3. Association Slogan. Suggestion to postpone vote and discuss further on GitHub.
    • 5 in favour, 0 against, unanimously approved to postpone to next meeting.
  4. Appointing the initial Board Officers.
  • Questions about the concrete voting procedure were raised, as to avoid bias when electing members.
  • Agreed to proceed to a yes/no vote in public - as a practical exception
  • We will investigate alternatives for future votes

  • Official position suggestion for year 2015:
    • President: Michael Kohlhase
    • Vice-president: Frédéric Wang
    • Secretary: Deyan Ginev
    • Treasurer: Raniere Silva
  • Yes/no vote for the suggestion
    • 5 in favour, 0 against, unanimously approved.
  1. Tax-exempt status progress
    • we have an EIN employer number in the state of New York
    • we will file the EZ tax-exemption form
    • need to make a decision between B and U tax exemption class
    • we may need to revise the language of the bylaws if we are to file in a specific category
    • Deyan and Frédéric will finalize this offline
  2. Affiliates
    • Frédéric reports 2 organizations have shown interest in becoming “MathML partners”, as well as a couple of individuals have already shown enthusiasm for being “MathML friends”.
    • Moritz reports several potential “MathML friends”, without yet investing any real time in raising awareness.
    • Deyan, Raniere and Michael haven’t approached anyone.
    • We have general agreement that we should finalize the infrastructure and start contacting interested parties to join. Encouraging to already see early enthusiasm from potential partners.
  3. Next steps
    • Make the process for becoming a “MathML Friend”, as easy as possible (mailing list, other ideas). Finalize on GitHub and vote next meeting.
    • Recruit high profile people in the advisory board
    • Donations - we need to start researching bank accounts, and open one, in parallel to establishing tax-exempt status.
    • Determine the end of the fiscal year, ask for expert advice on the accounting technicalities.