• Deyan Ginev,
  • Frédéric Wang,
  • Michael Kohlhase,
  • Moritz Schubotz,
  • Raniere Silva,

Session Chair: Frédéric.

Minutes Scribe: Deyan.

Venue: Mumble


  1. Deyan’s pending 2016 status, implications:
    • Tax exemption - can not apply before certain
    • Bank account - same, also needs further investigations in NYC. Decision to investigate alternatives in Germany.
    • Maybe think of a sibling organization in Germany.
    • Deyan will give an update the moment he knows more
  2. Companies want to give us financial backing, but we have no account.
    • How about a private person accepting money with MathML association endorsement? We do not like this idea, prefer to wait for exemption+account.
  3. We welcome Moritz to the meeting

  4. Decision is reached to wait for more information on Deyan’s situation in 2016.
    • meanwhile look for alternatives in Germany and France in case of negative news.
  5. Friends
  6. Moritz alerts us to people being careful of their privacy and not wanting to immediately go on a public list. - Maybe use the directors list for first signups? - Michael suggests having two lists - a private and a public one. - Deyan: maybe “MathML World” and “MathML Friends”? - General agreement on: 1) sending applications to the directors@ list, 2) sending announcements to the friends@ and world@ lists.

  7. Vote: Friends applications are privately approved to directors@, the application grants us permission to publish their names, and optional affiliation and homepage of each friend on the affiliation’s website, mailing lists and legal documents. Approved applications are announced on a public mailing list. - unanimously approved, 5 in favour, 0 against

  8. Michael suggests a “drive for friends” after the infrastructure is in place, to enhance the legitimacy of the organization as a community venue. Everyone will contact their private networks, Deyan will make public announcements.

  9. Moritz suggests to aim for X friends until the end of 2015. Deyan suggests 100. Michael asks if we have an “approval officer” that accepts/rejects applications.

  10. Vote: Moritz becomes an approval officer who approves/rejects member applications unless a comment is raised by a MathML director on the directors@ mailing list prior to that in 24 hours. Directors can step in to help if Moritz asks them to. - unanimously approved, 5 in favour, 0 against

  11. Slogan
  12. Moritz suggests a turn-based voting procedure that trims down suggestions until we reach a winner. We proceed to vote as follows:
  13. Vote, round 1: - The MathML Association, a math group acting on the Web ; short: A group action for MathML (1 in favour) - Math Meets Web (1 in favour) - Mathemizing the web (1 in favour) - Web Math Matters (1 in favour) - Promoting Math on the Web for All (1 in favour) - all others have 0 votes

  14. Discussion: - The discussion is slowly homing in on two options
    1. “A group action for MathML”
    2. “Web Math Matters”
  15. Vote, round 2: We vote on “electing 2 slogans as a first step to deciding on 1.” - 4 in favour, 1 abstained - vote is approved - we decide to use slogan “A group action for MathML” for the website and slogan “Web Math Matters” for twitter, for now.

  16. Next steps:
    • Raniere creates mailing lists (public for world + private for friends)
    • Frédéric helps with the application process for friends
    • Once infrastructure is in place, we start the “friend drive”
    • Deyan will send an update the moment he has more info about NYC status
    • Frédéric should put a list of “fundable” topics on the website, so that patrons know what the association can do.
    • Next meeting for end of November
  17. Misc:
    • MathML working group update: Michael had a longer discussion, positive attitude at the end of discussion, for both association and note.