• Deyan Ginev,
  • Frédéric Wang,
  • Michael Kohlhase,
  • Moritz Schubotz,
  • Raniere Silva,

Session Chair: Frédéric.

Minutes Scribe: Deyan.

Venue: Mumble


  1. Discuss progress on Form 1023 EZ, bank account, donations
    • Deyan made contact with Aaron Krowne, will receive legal opinion soon
    • Deyan’s details got postponed until mid-December 2015, so we’ll wait for then before acting
  2. Discuss progress on affiliates. Vote for
    • 5 in favour, unanimously accepted
  • Association Friends discussion
    • Michael asks we are more proactive in recruiting a larger number of friends
    • Moritz suggests adding a web form
    • General agreement that we should move forward with sending announcement emails to mailing lists for MathML Association, to not waste attention
    • Michael will contact the W3C working group
    • Deyan will prepare an announcement email that has a link to the Friends page.
  • Project ideas
    • Come up with a first association-backed project to fund-raise for. The association will give an official “thumbs up” endorsement, but won’t hold the actual funds. Moritz points out that specific projects are easier to fund, as opposed to a general “anything mathml” fund.
    • Frédéric: Math fonts project
    • Moritz: WikiMedia Math project (mutliple possible funding sources), RESTbase? umbrella project for renderers
    • Deyan: We should maintain a list of active MathML-related projects on our site.
    • We should have at least one “donation opportunity” on the association web page.
  1. Vote: Re-elect Moritz, Deyan and Frédéric as board members for the following term
    • Michael and Raniere have unanimously approved
    • Details to be sorted out on github
  2. Discuss work to do for the end of the year: accounting, relections, Annual Activity Report
    • Raniere asks for deyan to forward the end-of-the-year financial forms
    • Michael will add a first draft of the Annual Activity Report
  • Vote: Board office positions for 2016, all current board members agree to maintain their positions.
    • +5 unanimously approved
  • Domain renewals are done for 2016, still taken, but is available
  1. Web Engine Hackfest
    • Frédéric will help Igalia with WebKit MathML support, maybe recruite MathML friends
    • We’ll feature it as a MathML Association account
    • Frédéric will post a short presentation for feedback from the directors
  2. Misc
    • Frédéric: Fork of webkit mathml work under the MathML association to increase visibility?
    • Next meeting in early January, Raniere will make a doodle for exact date and time