• Deyan Ginev,
  • Frédéric Wang,
  • Michael Kohlhase,
  • Raniere Silva,

Session Chair: Frédéric.

Minutes Scribe: Deyan.




  1. We mark Moritz’ absence (plane rerouted)

  2. yearly task: accounting, annual activity report, changing fiscal year.
  3. Vote on
    • 4 in favour, unanimously approved
    • We also agree to keep the annual reports with the Feb 1 - Jan 31 duration,
  4. Discuss progress on Form 1023 EZ, bank account, donations
    • Bank account selection by end of next week, Deyan will email around
    • Form submission of accounting and exemption by the end of January, by Deyan
    • Raniere will proofread
  5. Budget brainstorming:
    • Background costs for MathML association - web presence, bank account, possible legal costs
    • Projects (with price tags), so that affiliates have an idea what to contribute to:
    • Development of native MathML for browsers
      • work on MathML in WebKit, later in Blink
      • work on Noto Math fonts
    • Funding hackathons/browser workshop meetings - Ask Aaron about receiving and paying money before the tax exemption is official? Until then wait for the procedures to complete.
  6. Discuss progress on affiliates.
    • We need more friends
    • Should we call them “supporters”?
    • Should we use PR to encourage more signups?
    • Wait progress on adminstrative side before contacting back sponsors/partners.
  7. Misc:
    • As possible actions: We can do PR, represent a community, and funnel money. We should work harder on all fronts.
    • Devise a broader message to attract a wider community, who is not technical, and not yet familiar with MathML.
    • Appeal to all directors: Work on growing our community, and raise awareness. Homework: bring in 5 friends