• Deyan Ginev,
  • Frédéric Wang,
  • Moritz Schubotz,

Session Chair: Frédéric.

Venue: #mathml freenode IRC

Agenda: plan for next year.


  1. Michael and Raniere are absent.

  2. We starts by reviewing the current status of each one since the last meeting:
    • Moritz has left TU Berlin. He works at University Konstanz and focuses on his PhD.
    • Fred joined Igalia on March but still lives in Paris. He has worked on MathML in WebKit during first semester, but he is now on Chromium/Wayland development.
    • Deyan has been on leave from Authorea from mid-October to focus on his PhD at FAU. He is in Bulgaria, still pending a visa to return to the US.
    • We are not sure about the status & plan of Michael and Raniere. From sporatic email discussions, Raniere has moved from Brazil to Manchester while Michael is still moving from Jacobs University (Bremen) to FAU (Erlangen). Given all these changes in everyone’s life, we have been very busy to organize a meeting or work on the US Association paperwork.
  3. We checks the status of “MathML in HTML5” implementation note and test suite:
    • Test suite has been moved to the offical W3C repository ; yay!
    • Igalia gave feedback on the Math WG mailing list. David Carlisle seemed positive about using this implementation note to help browser implementers. However, the Math WG is currently closed and it will take some time before it is re-chartered. We will count on Michael to continue discussion there.
  4. Fred explains the work done by Igalia:
  5. Moritz mentions some work he did:
  6. Legal status for next year:
    • We discuss the possibility to close the US association given the uncertainty on having a permanent resident to manage the paperwork. Deyan said we can keep it as it for now, there won’t be any legal issues as we basically have done no financial transactions. Fred higlighted that 2017 is the last year to apply to the tax-exempt status.
    • We discuss the possibility to move the association to Germany. Fred asks whether there are any specific concerns. Moritz thinks it should not be a problem at all. There is some work to do but many of his friends have experience on it.
    • We agree to keep the US association open for now and consider moving to Germany when that becomes necessary. However, we want to continue this discussion with Raniere and Michael too.