• Michael Kohlhase,
  • Moritz Schubotz,
  • Raniere Silva,
  • Deyan Ginev,


  • Frédéric Wang,

Session Chair: Michael Kohlhase

Scribe: Moritz Schubotz

Venue: jitsi

Agenda: plan for next year.


  1. Moritz is the scribe. Raniere and Deyan have issues to connect to jitsi, we had sporadic communication by other channels and were at least able to ask their votes.
  2. We welcome Fred as a guest to the board meeting.
  3. Moritz and Deyan re-elect Michael and Raniere as directors. Unanimous agreement. 2 in favor. 0 against. 0 abstention.
  4. State of the association: Already discussed issues with the US organization, no additional points.
  5. Vote to elect officers:
    • President: Michael
    • Vice-president: Moritz
    • Secretary: Deyan
    • Treasurer: Raniere
    • Friends officer: Moritz

    Unanimous agreement. 4 in favor. 0 against. 0 abstention.

  6. Moving the association to Germany and opening bank accounts
    • We discuss potential issues (non-germans might have problems to donate etc) but agree that it is now better than the situation of the US one.
    • Vote to mandate Moritz and Michael to move ahead. Unanimous agreement. 4 in favor. 0 against. 0 abstention.
    • Vote to close the NYC association once MathML e.V. is established and working, latest to the end of the US business year. Unanimous agreement. 4 in favor. 0 against. 0 abstention.
    • Proposed German charter. Fred raised changes/amendments with respect to the US one. Fred will merge the purposes of the two associations and Moritz will translate it to german.
    • We need 7 founding members for founding the German association. Moritz and Michael have already found 6 members. Moritz and Fred have other people in mind they can contact.
    • We discuss bank accounts and processes for that. Moritz will send the list again.
  7. Where do we want to be in Jan 2018? This point is open for online discussion. We agree that we should at least fund one project.
  8. Vote to approve the report for 2016 written by Michael. Unanimous agreement. 3 in favor. 0 against. 1 abstention (Michael).
  9. moving the web pages to github pages (less work, more reliable?) Moritz is fine with that. However, Fred and Michael prefer to wait for Raniere as he is the one who has managed this.