Annual Activity Report 2016: MathML Association

The main activity of the Mondial Association for Tools Handling MathML, ltd (for short, MathML Association) in 2016 has been starting outreach campaigns to make the Association more known, liaising with other MathML-related organizations, and starting first technical projects to enhance MathML support in browsers.

In general the work of the Association in 2016 has been hindered by

  • constraints imposed by the incorporation as a New York organization
  • moves between institutions by its directors
  • insecurities about NY as a stable operational basis. In particular, as a cause of this, we have not resolved the matter of initiating financial transactions for funding browser enhancements as planned.

In the following we tabulate the activities chronologically

  • '’2016-01-07’’ January Board Meeting minutes
  • “2016-01-21” Frédéric Wang announced he will join Igalia the 1st of March and thus will step down as a director since this could potentially cause conflict of interests when the board has to decide funding of MathML projects.
  • “2016-02-15” Borrero Law Firm of NY will act as legal advisors.
  • “2016-05-31” Wikipedia enables MathML news.
  • “2016-07-22” Sharing [announcement on MathML](( by WebKit’s project.
  • “2016-08” Unsuccessfully tried to transfer project funds to the Web Engines Hackfest to support MathML enthusiasts and development.
  • “2016-07-21” OpenMath recognizes content MathML as an official OpenMath encoding.
  • “2016-10-19” Move MathML in HTML5 test suite to W3C’s web-platform-tests (last pull requests merged on 2016/11/10).
  • '’2016-10-25’’ October Board Meeting minutes.
  • '’2017-01-31’’ Janary 2017 Board Meeting minutes.